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Our Site uses cookies to distinguish you from other Litnet users. This allows us to provide a convenient view of our site, and also provides an opportunity to improve it. In order to continue working with the Site, you agree with the use of cookies.

Cookies are small files consisting of letters and numbers that are saved by your browser on the hard disk of your computer.

We use the following cookies:

Extremely necessary cookies. These are the files necessary for the correct operation of our Site. These include, for example, cookies that allow you to enter the protected zones of our Site.

Analytical / technical cookies. They allow us to estimate and count the number of visitors, and also to understand how they move around the Site while working with it. This helps us to improve the Site, for example, by optimizing the search for the right products, making it simple and effective.

Functional cookies. These files are needed to recognize you when you visit the website again. This allows us to personalize the content of the Site for your needs, welcome you by name and remember your preferences (for example, your choice of language and region).

Target cookies. These cookies register your visits to the Site, remember the pages you visited and the links you used to go through. We use this information to ensure that our website and the ads displayed on it are as accurate as possible to your interests. We can also transfer this information to third parties for this purpose.

For more details on the individual cookies that we use, and the purpose of using them, you can read the table below:

Name of Cookie



Keeps information about the first user visit to the site, the number of visits and the time of the last visit. It is necessary to collect statistics of the site visits in order to improve the functionality.


Stores the address of the site from which the user switched to Litnet. It is necessary for the analysis of traffic sources.


Used for security purposes. It stores a unique numeric code necessary to fill in any forms on the site.


Used to identify the user


Stores the customization of the content language that the user has chosen.


Keeps the interface language setting chosen by user


This cookie appears after successful authorization on the site and contains the data to identify the user in the future. To avoid having to be authorized each time.


Contains the date and time of the last visit to the site


Keeps the ID of the last 20 books viewed. It is necessary to form the widget “You previously viewed”


Stores information about the fact that the user was shown a window with a suggestion to add a book to the library and no longer need to show it.





Please note that third parties (such as ad networks or external service providers, such as web traffic analysis) can also use cookies. We do not control this process. These cookies are likely to be analytical / technical cookies or target cookies.

You can block cookies by activating the appropriate setting in your browser, which will allow you to refuse the installation of all or part of cookies. However, in the case of blocking cookies in the Internet browser (including extremely necessary cookies), you may lose access to all or several sections of our Site.


To set up a web browser is a free and effective way to manage cookies. You can choose one of the following solutions:

  • To enable the use of all cookies integrated into the pages. Note: on the one hand, only their publishers will be able to access these cookies; on the other hand, this process is not irreversible, and subsequently you can always delete these cookies (the procedure for managing cookies differs depending on the browser used, please refer to the appropriate instructions)
  • To block cookies on your device. In this case, we must warn that navigating the site will be difficult. Some functions require the use of cookies (for example, to recognize your operating system and your preferred language). Therefore, we are not responsible for the inconvenience caused by the improper operation of our services due to the disabling of cookies
  • To enable the use of cookies on demand in each case


Social networks

We use social network plug-ins to share the content of the website on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. If you have already visited social networking sites, some previously saved cookies will be available to them. Otherwise, other cookies will not be added.


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